Animal Consumption on the Rise

Some points from the video:

  • Humans are consuming on average 42 Kilograms of animal flesh annually versus only 23 Kilograms per person a half century ago.
  • Those animals have been disarticulated from their functional roles scavenging on waste, fertilizing fields, used in traction.
  • Levels of consumption are unsustainable.
  • Factory farming is a great vector of inequality on a world scale that has really no place in the world.

This pdf from: Population Reference Bureau says, among much more:

“The average meat consumption was 42 kilograms per person per year in 2008, but most people’s consumption of meat was far from the average. People in the more developed countries consumed an average of 83 kilograms per person per year, while people in developing countries consumed only 31 kilograms per person per year”

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