Verdict is still out on B12

Dr. McDougall is convincing in his argument that we still do not know enough about B-12. But, he encourages us to continue taking non-animal B-12 (e.g. from algae). He says “the science still isn’t not completely clear”. Like, “what kind you should get; methyl, hydroxy, silanol, how much you should take, whether you should take pills at all, whether you should get it from algae” etc…

Michael Klaper MD explains that he has seen “too many cases of B12 deficiency, it’s serious business. The reason why we have to take it is that 500 years ago we got our B12 from the same place where the Deer and the Antelope did. We drank stream water, we pulled up unwashed vegetables and ate them. B12 is made by the soil bacteria in the ground and in the water. Because of modern sanitation those sources have been taken away from us. For that reason you need to take B12 supplement.”

Michael Klaper MD double emphasizes that B12 is serious business. He then states you should get your B12 checked. He even says he’s “seen symptoms of numb hands and feet, and brain fog from people who have neglected it.”

Liz George MD says she’s seen B12 deficiencies in cases than vegan such as aging, and Proton-pump Inhibitors.

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