Full Circle Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser at Sanctuary Brewing Company

Full-Circle Farm Sanctuary Sanctuary Farm Fundraiser

Last Sunday my family and I volunteered at a fundraiser for Full Circle Farm Sanctuary. Sarah and William managed the table while I videographed the event. The even was held at Sanctuary Brewing Company, which happens to have vegan food and beer!

This event was fantastic. There was an awesome turnout, the chili and beer was super delicious. Carolina Catskins was a special musical treat. Everyone was very nice and we made several new friends. I met Laura Theodore (Jazzy Vegetarian) and her husband, the owner of Sanctuary Brewing Lisa McDonald, and many other amiable vegans.

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Visit Full Circle Farm Sanctuary to learn more about their incredible nonprofit and to make a donation

When in the Asheville/Hendersonville area visit Sanctuary Brewing Company

Learn more about Laura Theodore

The very groovy band was Carolina Catskins

Also in attendance The Gentle Barn

video by neofilm

 and VeganBySeason.com