Out to Eat

Being vegan when it comes to the everyday rustle and bustle of life, it can be tough. Consequently, we’re constantly being pushed and tested in the midst of the meat market to acquiesce to their omnipresent marketing plan.

So, often times going out to eat as a vegan requires a bit of creativity, going very simple, or getting very minimal if anything at all. It pays to know that keeping plenty of water around is a great way to delay the gratification of devouring some scrumptious vegan meal with our canines.

Too frequently I wish I was videographing my situation. Being stuck in a Jack in a Box drive through as I realize there is nothing here any of us want after they say “we cannot sell a salad without cheese”. Being a the ruralist of rural towns, many restaurant workers here do not even know what vegan is.


McDonalds has Oatmeal, but be sure to say “NO CREAM”. You have to ask “Is there any animal in it at all? Any cheese, butter, milk, sour cream, or…” you get it… And, you have to look.

The more you ask and look the more you’ll find, it’s as if everything has milk or some animal in it. It’s INSANE, I can’t even begin to count the number of products I’ve been like “WHY????” Like, why does a nut bar have to have milk? And, are the fries cooked in the same grease as the meat? Eventually you’ll be all veganpro like saying “todas las verduras por favor!”

What Will Come?

This category, Out to Eat, may be about specific nonvegan situations and how to deal with them. Predominantly this will be about attempts at getting something vegan in non-vegan restaurants and stores.

The idea is that, some people will appreciate learning about how these encounters may go down. Some people just don’t want to go through figuring things out with the waitstaff. So maybe we can share some tips that would help you change your mind about avoiding most restaurants and stores.

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