ThanksLiving Fundraiser for Full Circle Farm Sanctuary

This is a video we casually shot last year at The Block Off Biltmore in Asheville. The intent of the event was to raise money for Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in Weaverville, NC. Full Circle Farm Sanctuary is an all volunteer non-profit that provides a “Safe Haven” for rescued animals.

Plant Based Life Changes!

Check out this awesome and very moving video about a church in Berkeley California giving testimonies trying a plant based diet. In just 30 days these diet changed their lives! Many of the participants were able to:

  • Get off of all or most of their medications
  • Lose weight and gain energy
  • Have significant drops in cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Lose chronic pain

It’s so disturbing how crippled we’ve become as a society. Witness how amazing it can be when we take charge of our health! You do not need to be a victim of the food industry and pharmaceutical industry any longer!

Should we all eat Vegan like James Cameron?

Should we all eat like James Cameron – Vegan?

Sylvia Earl explains a bit of her logic for being vegan. Shouldn’t it be important to understand what you’re eating? If you knew that one diet can be healthy for you and the world, wouldn’t you make that choice? If you knew that your particular diet was harmful to you and the world and that you can change it, wouldn’t you want to change?

Sylvia Earl is an amazing woman, who many revere as one of the most esteemed. You should see her documentary, Mission Blue. It is an amazing account of how the oceans have almost been entirely destroyed in just one generation. Watch Mission Blue on Netflix and learn more about here:

Mission Blue

In the documentary Mission Blue™, Sylvia Earle explains how she has witnessed first hand, unlike anyone,  the destruction of our precious oceans. Learn more about Sylivia, her team, and how Mission Blue™ has evolved into a mission to create Hope Spots around the globe to save the ocean at And definitely watch watch Mission Blue on Netflix

Below are various clips from Mission Blue™. The trailer is in the mix too. But really, you should see the entire movie.

Trailer for Mission Blue™

Swimming with Whale sharks

The Ocean is Dying

6 decades of agriculture has been polluting the oceans with nitrogen fertilizer running off into the ocean through the Mississippi river. This kills Phytoplankton which in turn reaps havoc on the ecosystem, creating dead zones and killing fish. This coupled with gross over fishing, oil spills and tens of thousands of drill sites, and the effects of urbanization around coastal areas is destroying the entire ocean.

A Piece of Me

Sylvia Earle decides to experience over fishing first hand. The experience made her feel as though a piece of her was being ripped out of the ocean as well. But, to appreciate the gravity of this state, you really have to experience this entire documentary.

Hope Spots

In just a few decades we have created over 500 dead zones. Sylvia hopes to seize this destruction by creating Hope Spots where we protect significant portions of the Oceans.

A Lot About B12

Chris does a great job giving us an overview of B12. In less than ten minutes he goes through complex process of how B12 is absorbed through the body. If you’re researching B12 you’re likely to come across a lot of what Chris is talking about here; such as various ways in which B12 may become inhibited and/or deficient and some sources.

Verdict is still out on B12

Dr. McDougall is convincing in his argument that we still do not know enough about B-12. But, he encourages us to continue taking non-animal B-12 (e.g. from algae). He says “the science still isn’t not completely clear”. Like, “what kind you should get; methyl, hydroxy, silanol, how much you should take, whether you should take pills at all, whether you should get it from algae” etc…

Michael Klaper MD explains that he has seen “too many cases of B12 deficiency, it’s serious business. The reason why we have to take it is that 500 years ago we got our B12 from the same place where the Deer and the Antelope did. We drank stream water, we pulled up unwashed vegetables and ate them. B12 is made by the soil bacteria in the ground and in the water. Because of modern sanitation those sources have been taken away from us. For that reason you need to take B12 supplement.”

Michael Klaper MD double emphasizes that B12 is serious business. He then states you should get your B12 checked. He even says he’s “seen symptoms of numb hands and feet, and brain fog from people who have neglected it.”

Liz George MD says she’s seen B12 deficiencies in cases than vegan such as aging, and Proton-pump Inhibitors.

Mongolia’s Grasslands: Effects of Livestock Overgrazing

Some points from this video on the “NoteworthyNew’s channel about the effects of Livestock Overgrazing on Mongolia’s Grasslands.

  • Over 70% of Mongolia’s Grasslands are being degraded by illegal mining and overgrazing. Overgrazing has been identified as the most prevalent cause of degradation.
  • More than half Mongolians do not have access to clean water.
  • Desertification has caused over a thousand rivers, lakes, and streams have to disappear.


Animal Consumption on the Rise

Some points from the video:

  • Humans are consuming on average 42 Kilograms of animal flesh annually versus only 23 Kilograms per person a half century ago.
  • Those animals have been disarticulated from their functional roles scavenging on waste, fertilizing fields, used in traction.
  • Levels of consumption are unsustainable.
  • Factory farming is a great vector of inequality on a world scale that has really no place in the world.

This pdf from: Population Reference Bureau says, among much more:

“The average meat consumption was 42 kilograms per person per year in 2008, but most people’s consumption of meat was far from the average. People in the more developed countries consumed an average of 83 kilograms per person per year, while people in developing countries consumed only 31 kilograms per person per year”